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things are going dooooooownhill...

So, Missed the Bus this morning. My mom said to just stay off school. I went back to sleep till 12. I was looking for hotels for when I go down to Biloxi, Nov. 26th. I can't wait. Fun, Fun, Fun. It is nice outside. It looks like it is..umm..76 degrees. My aunt is here from Seattle. Going to see her at my grams friday. yippy. She's a cool freakin chick for being 33. She likes everything I like and is so..childish at times. Best aunt ever. I worked With this guy named Eric in Elcetronics last night. Hes's cute. I am in love with his hair and his style. He's all like..hmm. He told me that this girl I know, that he knows also, told him that he should hate me. He's not going to of course but for her to say that, well shes a bitch. He works saturday, so do I. I told him that I would see him then and he said he hopes...then he gave me this grin and said, "I mean I hope not.." but I know he was lying. Oh..he makes me happy. I can't wait to see him. Lust is such sweet sorrow.
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