pinkpursepunk (pinkpursepunk) wrote in forneykaters,

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and the sky has finally fallen...

Life really sucks right now.
Ok, well the other week i went to this party. I got drunk and these guys kissed me and did stuff to me I didn't know about. The one guy is soon to be married. His girlfriend is like, my best friend. And he like made me do things i didn't know I was doing. i told him no, but he just was so forceful. And she doesn't beleive me at all. Well, no one was supposed to say anything, but saturday night it all came out. now everything is fucked up and no one is talking to me. I don't understand. It was everyones fault, but i am the only one getting bitched at. I feel really alone with no one to talk to. I have friends at school yes, but that's my school life. My life outside of school is boring. I'm like a fuckin' hermit or something. I come home from school and go straight to work, then I come home and go to bed to yet wake up at 6:00 the next morning to go to school. It's an ongoing cycle. I don't have that much room for friends and the ones i do...or did have were my life. I don't know what to do. I am lost on a neverending path of darkness. It's hopeless
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