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tupac's a dead skinny man

Ok so we did our senoir favorites yesterday. There were catigories like.."Most Artistic", "Most Athletic", and "Worst Driver". I was nominated for "Biggest dare devil" i don't know why cuz I'm not too daring..I just do stupid stuff. Like yesterday at lunch, Josh mixed pickle juice and ice tea together and i drank it. what's so daring about that? Ahhh..well if I win, at least I will be known for something right? It's almost halloween! Yes! I can't wait to dress up and go scare little kids. but I think I have to work. That...Sucks. Homecoming is almost here, and I, for one, will not be attending. All the girls are flipping out about what they will be wearing. I say, Screw the dress, skip the dance and just head to the after party and get drunk. I am going to the movies tonight. Maybe i will see that new S.W.A.T. movie. I heard Jeepers Creepers 2..wasnt' so..well.......Creepy. So bascily, it sucked ass. In gym action today, this guy I think is cute touched my leg today. ooohhhhh. Well yeah i was humiliated yesterday when this very annoying kid told Dan (the guy thats cute) that i thought he was hot. now he must think I'm stuipd or something. Oh, well. No big deal. Being in this room sucks cuz the "Gifted Education" classroom is across the hall and having it there makes me feel stupid. I had a dollor the other day that said "Jesus Loves you" on it. I scribbled it out and shoved it in my butt pocket.
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