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if the world stopped moving, i'd keep spinning

Some people just need to grow up. They think they are cool and they are not. I, for one, am not cool, yet think of myself as cool. Today at school, my friend Trevor made homecoming court. He's one of those people you would most likey not see being nominated for the homecoming court. I am happy cuz now all the stupid preppy kids will finally have lost something. Trevor has this so in the bag. Anywayz, school was ok. I talked to this girl today that I dont't normally talk to. Her sister hates me cuz I always made fun of her. But yeah, this girl is a lesbian and I think she was hitting on me today in lifeskills class. We were picking out wedding dresses and tuxes and, since she is a lesbian, she didn't want a tux, but she found a "woman tux" that a woman was wearing. How inseresting....I hope she doesn't touch me. owe me a massage you massage moocher!!! I am not fun. Or interseting. So I am going to go now. Peace out.
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