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Ahh. Well. Life is shriviling down to nothing. People at Wal-mart are pissing me off. I am known as the Wal-mart slut because supposedly the chick that I dont get along with anymore, broke up with her boyfriend and I am now with him and we are screwing. How wonderful. And my doggie died sunday night when I was at work. I just wanna shoot someone in the head and let them know how I am feeling. it sucks. and another thing is that I cant work without guys hitting on me. Its gross. I am getting alittle paranoid now. I am having troulbe spelling too. Oh well. I dont care. I just want to die!! chace doesn't think i'm a slut though. he sees me for the goddess i really am.. oh! if only one day our forbidden love could come true. *sigh*
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