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things are going dooooooownhill...

Well life has been alitttle hectic right now. That stupid girl that won't talk to is having everyone rival against me. Monday I was talking to this girl, Brandy at work, and then yesterday I said hi to her and she just walked right past me. What a bitch. everyone is being mean to me. Like it's my fault. I worked in electronics yesterday. It was fun. my and this guy Eric fooled around for the most part. We put movies and cd's away and then we played with the CD players. We tryed to see how fast we could open them all up and then close them. it's alittle difficult if your new at it. HaHa. Then when I was putting some crap away, I tripped over a box and almost fell. My friends came in to see me. Brian, the kid I am going to homecoming with was with them. He's a cool guy. His friends are cool. Except for this kid named Gnome. He's called that because of his thumb. It's all little and stuff. But I could consider him as cool cuz he told that mean girl that she looked like MeMe from the Drew Carey show. HaHa. That was great. Today was stupid at lunch. Everyone was having a good time, smashing food and stepping on Kyles nutty butty sticks. Well, this fucking teacher came over to us and spazed out because there was foodo n the floor and we were messinf up "her" school. She made us clean it up and she called up "Pissies" I dont know what that is, but she called us it. And she made us clean up these bacon bits that were on the floor that she said we threw down there when no one at the table had a fuckin salad. it was nuts. I was laughing the whole time and my best friend Kasey was yelling at the teacher and she was takin to the office. I hope shes not in to much trouble. I don't know. Everything is messed up and to me, I think everything is going downhill. Geezeus!!! i want to have a threesome with eric and chace. i hope he finally starts to notice me!
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