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and the sky has finally fallen...

wow..the other day at work was great!! I think it was friday. Yes, Friday. Friday that gril that I haven't talk to in a while yelled at me for talking to her boyfriend that is not supposed to be talking to me. and she called me a lier and a slut. I laughed in her face and said "oh you really scare me" Thats when Kyle came in. Oh kyle. The funny, funny man. He came in with a "666" sticker from a pricing gun from his work on his shirt pocket. So I went and got my pricing gun and i attacked him with it and he had bright green "666" stickers on him. It was fun. but then he left. And then he came back and was watching me from afar like a stalker. It was kinda strange. But oh well you can't help them all right?
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